We provide professional cigar rollers as a welcome addition to any special occasion. Guests at corporate VIP events, trade shows, weddings and birthdays all enjoy the entertainment of cigars being hand-rolled. Our rollers are primed to give the ultimate interactive cigar experience. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and a tremendous value.  We help create events that your guests will always remember.


Our personal rollers are hired for their professionalism, dependability, and personality. They all speak English as their first language, a critical factor when creating the most interactive event station possible.  We are flexible in our ability to adapt to the unique logistics of any event. We are “the event planner’s cigar rolling company.”


We also offer unique cigar options for VIP gifts, and personalized cigar band services for events.


Level 1 - for the first 2 hours Inclusive of 50 cigars

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Level 2 - for the first 2 hours Inclusive of 100 cigars.

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Level 3 - for the first 2 hours Inclusive of 200 cigars.

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Our rolling events are becoming the amenity of choice for many Event Planners. They add a touch of panache to any function, whether a corporate occasion, wedding or trade show. Participants will witness our roller artfully craft the final stages of cigar creation. The experience is heightened by guests enjoying the finished product.


*Our packages are all inclusive, and include the cigars, 2 hours of service time, event staff and travel in Charleston proper and the surrounding local areas. 


Personalized cigar bands are the perfect added touch for executive gifts, corporate events and weddings. Available as an upgrade to our standard cigar rolling packages, we can create custom artwork for you or use your preferred image.

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