Our Story

We love our business and we enjoy every event we attend. We bring our love of cigars to your guests and their sense of joy and wonder keeps us coming back. We are available for cigar rolling events, and we are also vendors at festivals and markets across the Southeast. We sell our Savile Blend and our unique cigars infused with bourbon, rum, scotch, moonshine and cognac. Check out our booth at the City Market when you are in downtown Charleston!

Holly Stilley


Holly is a South Carolina girl through and through. Born and raised in Conway near Myrtle Beach, Holly attended the College of Charleston and earned dual degrees in Psychology and Education. In her spare time at the College, she played a little basketball, earning status as an All-American and placement in the College Hall of Fame. Holly then taught high school Psychology for over 20 years, and coached the JV and Varsity girls’ basketball teams. When she left the classroom, one of her many jobs was working for the former owner of Cigar Row. Because she enjoyed the events, the music, the upbeat atmosphere of the parties she attended,  and the people she entertained by rolling cigars, buying the business was a “no-brainer” for her.

Deidre Garrard


Although not originally from South Carolina, Deidre has been in the “Lowcountry” for over 35 years. As a military child, she moved often and has lived in more than 15 states, including 3 years in Hawaii. Like Holly, she is a graduate of the College of Charleston. She taught English in grades 5 through 10, and also worked for Cigar Row when she left the classroom. After training as a cigar roller, she worked many events and enjoyed every minute of interacting with guests. The purchase of the business is a dream come true for Deidre, and she is looking forward to increasing Cigar Row Events’ presence at golf courses and country clubs. She is an avid golfer and loves to work outdoor events in beautiful settings.

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